Jimmy Fallon Decides To Kiss Up And Give Donald Trump A Presidential Job Interview

If you look back, NBC might actually be giving Donald Trump a run for his money on the free television time at this point in the 2016 presidential race. We’re not exactly innocent little lambs, but we haven’t resorted to kissing up for access to The Donald. That’s reserved for the candidate’s second appearance on The Tonight Show this election, in person by the way. No phone calls for this guy, unlike his appearances on every Sunday talk show.

To celebrate, Jimmy Fallon decided to hit Trump with a hard-hitting job interview before he possibly takes on the job in the White House. It’s no El Chapo interview, but it’s likely close.

Before that, Trump sat down to talk about his “short term” plans to stop Muslim refugees from entering the country — which one person almost clapped for — and his belief that President Obama’s gun control tears were real. That’d be a believeable stance if he hadn’t already buried the guy completely at every turn in the past few years. Not to mention all the other controversy he’s let fly out because it garners attention. Attention we’re all guilty of encouraging and will definitely regret if he ends up being elected.