Jimmy Kimmel Compares Facebook To Villainous James Bond Organization SPECTRE After The Company’s Latest Damning Leaks

Facebook isn’t having an easy time of it lately. Just weeks after whistleblower Frances Haugen did an interview with 60 Minutes, then appeared before Congress to detail the lengths she alleges the company will go to in order to put profits before its people (employees and Facebook users alike), more than 10,000 pages of private company documents were leaked, exposing the company and its practices to even further scrutiny. And Jimmy Kimmel had some thoughts about that on Monday night’s show:

“The Facebook Papers, which is what they’re being called, provide an unprecedented view into how executives at the social media giant weigh tradeoffs between public safety and their own bottom line. Turns out they weigh them, umm, incorrectly.

Mark Zuckerberg told Congress last year [that] the company removes 94 percent of the hate speech it finds, but the researchers discovered Facebook was actually removing less than five percent of hate speech. And you know how they discovered this? They went on Facebook!”

Kimmel wasn’t surprised to learn any of this, and laid out what Facebook knows about all of its users: “Let me clear it up for you what Facebook knows: They know everything. They know your social security number, they know where you live, they know what you’re having for lunch, they know the winners of the next five Super Bowls. They’re basically SPECTRE, but we can’t stop because we have to monitor the weight of our former love interests.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 7:25 mark.