A Ratings-Obsessed President Trump Got Walloped By Joe Biden In Their Dueling Town Halls

Donald Trump lost the ratings battle, and he appears to be losing the election war, too.

After the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that the second debate between Trump and Joe Biden on October 15 would be held virtually due to the president having recently tested positive for COVID-19, Trump backed out, telling Fox Business that he was “not going to waste my time on a virtual debate.” ABC, now with a hole in its schedule, soon after announced a town hall event with Biden; NBC quickly (and controversially) followed suit with Trump, whose town hall aired at same time as his opponent’s, Thursday night at 8 p.m. EST. Trump, ever obsessed with ratings, wanted to trounce Biden with a higher viewership. His town hall was even on multiple networks.

Let’s see how that went.

Joe Biden’s town hall on ABC averaged 13.9 million viewers on Thursday night, easily surpassing the Nielsen ratings for President Trump’s town hall on NBC. The Trump town hall was simulcast by two of NBC’s cable channels, MSNBC and CNBC, but even when those channels are included in the total, Biden — on only one network — still prevailed.

Trump’s town hall was seen by 10.6 million viewers on NBC, plus an additional 1.74 million on MSNBC and 671,000 on CNBC. That’s 13 million overall, nearly a million fewer than Biden on ABC alone. “Staffers at ABC News privately admitted to their surprise when the preliminary ratings came in on Friday,” according to CNN.

Good work, TikTok teens!

Trump has yet to respond on Twitter, but you know it’s coming.

(Via CNN)