A Group Of John Mulaney Fans Got Ice-T To Turn The Comedian’s ‘Law And Order’ Bit Into A Reality

One of John Mulaney’s more famous bits is his impression of Ice-T being shocked on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, specifically his confusion over sex addicts. “There is a scene in the episode where the other detectives are trying to teach Ice-T what sex addiction is, and it takes a couple of minutes,” Mulaney explains. “And finally, Ice-T gets it, and they cut to him in this close-up and he goes, ‘Oh, I get it. You mean like when someone drinks too much, or snorts cocaine, or bets the house on the ponies?’ I was like, ‘Yeah you got it, man.'” Mulaney then imagines Ice-T providing examples for other things, like when someone smokes too many cigarettes, or shops too much with credit cards, or plays too many scratchy lotteries. You get it (or just watch the bit here).

It’s unclear if Ice-T was aware of Mulaney’s impression before, but he definitely is now: a group of Sack Lunch Bunch fans came together to get the rapper-turned-actor to turn the bit into reality. “About a couple of days ago, I got a little high and thought it would be funny to buy a Cameo from Ice T, to fulfill John Mulaney’s wish to hear him just listing off examples of addiction,” YouTube user “hannah elizabeth” wrote. “With the help of my friends in John Mulaney Petuniaposting on Facebook, we were able to make it a reality.”

I love everything about this, including that there’s a “shitposting” internet group named after John Mulaney’s dog Petunia. The internet can be good. Not often, but sometimes.

(Via the AV Club)