John Mulaney And Jack White Riff With Aidy Bryant In The Latest ‘SNL’ Promo

For the 43rd season finale, John Mulaney is returning to SNL. While it’s his first time taking the stage, he was on the writing team for six seasons, so it will be a bit like coming home for the Oh, Hello comedian and Big Mouth co-creator. In the latest promo for his hosting gig this week, he and castmember Aidy Bryant joke about how the Mulaney/Jack White combination is one that’ll appeal to hipsters and how Mulaney just lost his virginity to one of White’s albums.

Mulaney is hosting ahead of the release of his upcoming Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous, and it will be fun to see how he adapts to being in front of the audience instead of backstage. Hopefully, it’s more like his stand up, and less like his short-lived sitcom, Mulaney.

However, Jack White might steal the video right from under Mulaney and Bryant with his blank stare and his quip “and then I laugh — ha ha ha — to show that I’m in on it.” White’s new album may be polarizing, but at least he’s a good sport for his third time as a musical guest. SNL has been predictably hit or miss this year, but here’s hoping White and Mulaney help the show end on a high note for the season.