John Mulaney Mocked NYC Mayor Eric Adams To His Face Over His Subway Vendor Crackdowns: ‘Were You Dumped As A Teen At A Subway Barbecue?’

New York Mayor Eric Adams has done some questionable things lately, and many New Yorkers are not having it. One New Yorker in particular, John Mulaney, joined in on the fun and decided to drag Adams for his bizarre stance on subway vendors.

Earlier this week, Adams defended the arrest of a woman selling mangoes on the subway, which is probably the least offensive thing that has ever happened on a New York City subway. “You just can’t do that,” Adams stated at a press conference, referring to the clearly non-dangerous act of fruit selling. “Next day, it’s propane tanks being used on the subway system. The next day, it’s barbecuing on the subway system.” Mulaney took this and ran with it.

“Hey, Mayor Adams, what are you talking about?” Mulaney said while on stage at the Robin Hood Gala. “What is a subway barbecue, and why do you hate them so much?” It should be noted that Mayor Adams was in the audience at the gala, so Mulaney was asking quite literally. “Were you dumped as a teen at a subway barbecue?” the comedian continued.

“Mayor Adams always addresses two problems and then a crazy one: No guns, no crime, no barbecues on the subway! Better schools, better transportation, no more volleyball games on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway!” Mulaney joked, with lots of laughs from the crowd. It’s unclear if Adams was also laughing, or decided to go for a perfectly-timed bathroom break. Besides, we all know Mulaney is a proud supporter of doing weird stuff on subway platforms.

Check out the video below.