LCD Soundsystem Show Up As ‘Guardian Angels’ In John Mulaney’s ‘Subway Churro’ SNL Sketch

Last night’s Saturday Night Live episode was one for the books. Not only were New York indie legends LCD Soundsystem back in the house, but after a fairly rough time in the public eye of late — in a few month streak that included a stint in rehab, a divorce, and a baby with new girlfriend Olivia Munn — John Mulaney returned to host the comedy show. As a staple of the show, and in today’s comedy scene in general, Mulaney was entering his fifth time hosting the show, a “five-timers club” distinction that comedians and actors are proud to achieve.

What else should he be proud of achieving? Enlisting LCD Soundsystem as his guardian angels! Well, it was just for a sketch on the show, but the “Subway Churro” episode, which is, of course, also somehow a musical, casts Mulaney as a newsstand worker in a subway station. At one point, he adopts the stylings of Fiddler On The Roof to wax poetic on the joy of going off the grid, and as more characters emerge, LCD shows up as “Guardian Angels” a group who emerged in reaction to the lawless atmosphere in the New York subway during the ’80s. It’s a perfect casting choice for the rockers, and puts them at the center of one of the funniest sketches of the night. Check it out above.