John Mulaney Looks Back On The ‘SNL’ Cast Surprising Jon Hamm With Some ‘Mad Men’ Day Drinking

Via John Mulaney / SNL

John Mulaney’s return to SNL was a walk down memory lane for the comedian. Not only did he sit down to talk about the origins of Stefon for SNL‘s YouTube channel, he shared a series of photographs and moments on Twitter ahead of the broadcast — and revealed that two sketches from last night were originally rejected from when he was a writer.

But a standout image and story stems from when Jon Hamm hosted the show and the cast decided to dress up as Mad Men characters to welcome Don Draper to the pitch meeting. Judging from the tweet from Mulaney, Hamm did not expect it and was “new to the show” this time around. “Drunk Comic-Con” might be the best way to describe any scene, but it fits perfectly here:

This wasn’t all the comedian shared on Twitter before the show, giving fans and curious Twitter users alike a look behind-the-scenes at SNL when preparing a show for that week. Mark Zuckerberg appears at one point here, with Steve Martin, Bill Hader in his regular clothing, and Andy Samberg all making some appearances.

All around, friends of Mulaney were urging people to tune in while sharing their own thoughts about his first hosting appearance on the show. It really seems like it was a treat for all of his friends, supporters, and former SNL co-workers. That’s something to appreciate when it is an episode that the mainstream audience might not be informed about.

(Via Vulture)