John Oliver Is ‘Real Close’ To Achieving His Biggest Goal This Year (After That Emmy Win)

The last time we saw John Oliver (while he wore an award-worthy hoodie), he was graciously accepting Last Week Tonight‘s fifth consecutive Best Variety Talk Series award at the Emmys. He was thrilled, so much so that he forgot to thank the object of his obsession, “f*ckable redwood” Adam Driver, but after the excitement cooled down a bit, he took a few minutes to reflect upon his real “dream” for this year. And considering the dumpster fire of 2020, it feels like this is the right year for this type of goal.

I’m referring, of course, to Oliver’s pursuit of having a sewage plant in Danbury, Connecticut named after him. That strange turn of events involved Oliver becoming embroiled in a mock feud with the city and mayor Mark Boughton calling Oliver “full of crap” while faux-threatening the sewage plant rechristening. Well, Oliver was delighted but not pleased to later learn that this was only a joke, so he moved to open his wallet (and the mayor was like, nope, that’s not quite good enough, you gotta promise to show up for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, too).

Post-Emmys, Oliver has now followed up on achieving this goal, which must feel like a marathon by now. Oh, he wants it, as he told Access Hollywood (by way of Variety). He suggested that things are now going his way with the mayor. “My dream this year is to have a sewage plant named after me in Danbury, Connecticut,” Oliver gushed. “And I’m close. I feel like I’m real close.” Oliver added that he doesn’t have “full news” yet on the subject, but he feels that the current chain of events is “very promising.”

Hey, we all have dreams, and it’s hard to judge anyone’s dream in 2020, given our current situation. John Oliver’s keeping his eye on the ball, for which he previously doubled down in late August. “Listen, I didn’t know that I wanted my name on your sh*t factory,” he declared. “But now that you floated it as an option, it is all that I want.” He then threatened to take his sign elsewhere in Connecticut if Boughton and the city council didn’t grant him his wish.

Uhhh, it kinda looks like this is really happening, if Oliver’s follow-up after the Emmys is to be believed? Maybe we’ll hear more about this “sh*t factory” when Last Week Tonight airs a new episode this Sunday.

(Via Access Hollywood and Variety)