John Oliver Used A Puppy And George R.R. Martin To Illustrate Everything Wrong With Dr. Oz

In this week’s edition of “John Oliver Takes A Topic You Should Know More About And Hilariously Makes It Easy To Understand Without Sacrificing Thoroughness To Accommodate Your Withered Attention Span” (shorter title: Last Week Tonight), Oliver outlines exactly what is so problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutritional supplement industry.

As always, the informative segment is engaging enough that it does the impossible: makes sitting through a 16-minute segment not just bearable, but entertaining. It certainly helps that Oliver uses an array of living props (to illustrate his point that it’s possible to pander to an audience without hurting anyone), including a puppy, Steve Buscemi, George R.R. Martin, and some fake real housewives.

(Don’t worry, he doesn’t let George R.R. Martin get anywhere near the puppy.)

(Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)