John Oliver Obsessed Over Octopuses Again, And Don’t You Dare Call Them ‘Octopi’

Last Week Tonight is on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean John Oliver has to stop obsessing over octopuses, which is exactly what he did in a new web exclusive video uploaded to the show’s YouTube account on Sunday night. In the 10-minute segment, Oliver goes hard on his love of the tentacled sea creature, and he even dropped a grammar lesson on why the proper plural form is “octopuses” not “octopi.”

During the lengthy love letter to octopuses, Oliver also called out Craig Foster, the subject of the Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher. Considering there were countless jokes about how that guy was basically in love with an octopus, you’d just assume Foster is the ultimate octopus fan. Nope. Oliver trashed him for not being into octopuses enough. That’s how hard the Last Week Tonight host goes for his tentacle friends. Via The Wrap:

“Look, look, America — and to some extent, the world. All I’ve been trying to say with this piece — and in a way, my entire life — is that octopuses are cool,” Oliver wound down his 10-minute tribute. “Cats have dominated the internet for far too long and it is past time that octopuses get their turn. That’s it. That’s my whole argument here: Octopuses are great. I don’t have some big call to action, I’m not going to bring out a giant octopus mascot –although, f— that is a good idea, I should get on that.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Oliver has randomly displayed his octopus fever. Following the 2020 presidential election, Oliver celebrated Trump losing by showing people dancing in the streets while he rattled off random, and surprisingly true octopus facts like, “if octopuses take ecstasy, they’ll hang out and party with other octopuses.”

(Via Last Week Tonight)