John Oliver Bashes Shady Sugar-Pushing Food Companies, Demands They #ShowUsYourPeanuts

Just in time for Halloween, John Oliver used last night’s Last Week Tonight deep dive segment to tackle one of the biggest threats to America’s collective health: SUGAR.

What was once a rare treat is now a daily — even hourly — vice for the average citizen, who consumes 22 teaspoons daily, three time what he/she needs. Which is bad, because excess sugar consumption is truly awful for the human body. But not all of that intake can be chalked up to irresponsible candy-splurging. Food manufacturers and sugar companies are going out of their way to pack their products with sugar, and they’re fighting like hell to make sure they don’t have to accurately report it.

Watch the video above for Oliver’s take on the matter, which includes the customary mix of sobering facts, hilariously futile attempts at impressions (Al Pacino!), entertaining quips about everything from cranberries to the Sugar Association’s bullsh*t, and a clever attempt at social media activism. Also, John’s perfect reaction to the “Sexy John Oliver” costume featured on Playboy’s website:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver