John Stamos Shared The Raunchy But Touching Eulogy He Gave At Bob Saget’s Funeral

Following the death of his dear, longtime friend and Full House co-star Bob Saget, actor John Stamos has shared the raunchy, but touching tribute speech he gave at Saget’s funeral. After starring together on the hit ’80s sitcom, Stamos and Saget, along with co-star Dave Coulier, have remained close friends for over 30 years. Saget and Stamos recently reunited for the Full House revival series, Fuller House, and it was evident on the screen why they’ve had one of the most enduring friendships in Hollywood.

In a special to The Los Angeles Times, Stamos shared the complete eulogy that he delivered at Saget’s funeral, and it’s full of all the heartfelt moments and crude jokes that the late actor/comedian enjoyed in life. Alongside memories of Saget helping Stamos deal with the loss of his parents while filming Full House and performing together with Coulier after all of these years, Stamos did the best to capture what it was like to have Saget by his side.

Here are just some of the excerpts that capture the bawdy, but again, touching tribute:

He should still be out there challenging himself creatively, stripping down all the Hollywood bull—, traveling to small towns around the country, giving the people raw, wild, unpredictable, and uncensored Saget. “Tonight’s specials are cake and cock … and we’re out of cake.”

Personally, I hope to die after a beautiful night of lovemaking with my wife, but I’m glad Bob didn’t go that way. As I said, I rather he dies after doing what he did best. (Sorry, Kelly.) That’s the kind of joke Bob loved.

He loved hard and deep. (Cue Bob to make a joke out of “hard and deep.”) He would do that during tragedies and honestly, it would piss me off sometimes. That’s how he got through the darkness, and sadly he had a lot of it in his life. Now that I’m dealing with him dying, I sort of get it.

You can read more of John Stamos’ eulogy for Bob Saget here.

(Via The Los Angeles Times)