Jon Stewart’s Apple TV+ Show Has A Fitting Title Lined Up For A Fall 2021 Release

Former The Daily Show host has largely been missing from our TV screens since 2015, but he’s kept his advocacy fires burning, and soon, Jon Stewart will be formally back in your living room, baby. His upcoming current events show has looked for writers on social media, and one can imagine that he’ll stay unconventional while taking on current events once more. The show is already tapped for multiple seasons, and we don’t have a formal start date as of yet, other than Fall 2021.

However, there is now a title for the series. According to a press release, the show will formally be called, “The Problem With Jon Stewart.” That, of course, is ambiguous but in-your-face at the same time. One can imagine that he’ll be exploring various “problems” as he sees them on a regular basis, but he might also be poking fun at himself there because right-wingers will always find a “problem” with how Jon Stewart covers things. Does it really matter, though, what the title precisely means? Stewart’s shown himself to be a gifted satirist, who’s unable to resist amusing his viewers.

Previously, Apple TV+ revealed (via a synopsis) that the series “won’t have a nightly or even weekly cadence.” However, Apple TV+ is also now revealing that each episode shall run one hour in length as a “single-issue” series. So, one should expect the unexpected here? Sounds like a plan.

As stated above (and I wanted to say it again because this is Jon Freaking Stewart we’re talking about), Apple TV+’s The Problem With Jon Stewart will arrive in Fall 2021.