Jon Stewart Clapped Back At Mitch McConnell Over 9/11 First Responders On ‘The Late Show’

06.17.19 2 months ago

Jon Stewart has spent his post-Daily Show life not necessarily being funny. That’s been on purpose: There’s not a lot of jokes to be made when you’re saving animals or scolding an apathetic Congress over 9/11 First Responders. Even when he’s funny, he’s still trying to do good. Case in point: When he went on his The Late Show, hosted by his former co-worker Stephen Colbert, he decided to use it to call out Mitch McConnell for brushing off his hard work.

Monday morning, the Senate majority leader went on Fox and Friends, where he was asked about Stewart’s recent appearance on the channel Sunday, in which the former Daily Show host railed against McConnell for always waiting until the “very last minute” to offer relief to those who showed up at Ground Zero 18 years ago, and always “under intense lobbying and public shaming.”

McConnell wasn’t shamed, though. Instead he was calmly dismissive. “I don’t know why he is all bent out of shape, but we will take care of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund,” McConnell told Fox and Friends, adding, “It sounds to me like he is looking for some way to take offense.”

It only took till later in the day to Stewart to clap back. On Monday night’s Late Show, Colbert brought up the tussle, only for Stewart to suddenly appear from under his desk. Stewart was asked if he was in fact bent out of shape, to which Stewart responded, “No, Mitch McConnell, I am not bent out of shape! I’m in fine shape.” He then added, “Well, I am out of shape,” but only on behalf of first responders.

Stewart did offer an apology, saying of Congress, “I didn’t know that they were busy,” then added, “I didn’t mean to interrupt them… with their jobs!”

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