Jon Stewart’s Epic New York Pizza Rant

There was a lot of media fuss about Sarah Palin and Donald Trump meeting New York City — where they ate slices of pizza with a knife and fork at a chain restaurant in Times Square — but nobody did a better job of capturing New Yorkers’ attitudes about pizza than Jon Stewart, who launched into a pitch-perfect diatribe defending one of Gotham’s longest-standing culinary traditions.

I was hesitant to post this because I’m always afraid of political flame wars on posts like this one, but this is strictly apolitical. Stewart isn’t a liberal going after Republican figureheads; he’s a New Yorker scolding Trump for misrepresenting the city to a tourist. If you’ve ever lived in New York, this clip will hit home; if you’ve never been here, then pay attention because it’d be a damn shame if you thought Famiglia was a real New York slice.

(Props to the Cajun Boy for being all over this, including a gallery of Obama eating pizza with his hands. And if you’re in Brooklyn, go to Franny’s on Flatbush. They’ve got a clam, chilies, and parsley pizza that sounds disgusting but tastes awesome.)