Jordan Klepper Visited A Trump Rally Where He Found Fans Who Think He’s Still Secretly The President (But Isn’t Responsible For The Afghanistan Withdrawal)

The last time Jordan Klepper went to a Trump shindig was on Jan. 6. It didn’t go so well. Since then, he’s gone to plenty of gatherings with Trumpists. But he’s skipped the handful of rallies the former president has held since being voted out of office. But over 10 months after the Capitol riot — “a day no one will ever forget, unless you’re a Republican member of Congress,” he jokes in his latest dispatch — he’s back, and doing what he does best: letting them hang themselves with their own incoherent ramblings.

Last week, the Daily Show contributor descended upon the rally Trump held in Iowa, which attracted the predictable crowds and their loony flags. Many of them said “Trump won.” What’s more, some of them think he’s actually still in office.

Klepper meets one older gentleman wearing a QAnon shirt who tells him Trump “never left.” When asked if he thinks Trump is still running the federal government, the man says yes. When Klepper asks him if he’s therefore to blame for the chaotic withdraw from Afghanistan, the man says no.

Sense was short on the ground at the Iowa Trump rally, and so was self-awareness. On two occasions, Klepper happens upon people wearing t-shirts featuring Trump giving Democrats the finger. In both cases, the people lament how divided the nation is, saddened that people with different worldviews — perhaps even wearing t-shirts with Trump giving Democrats the finger — can no longer have a polite conversation.

In another case, a woman in American flag overalls pushes back at the line that Trump supporters are in a cult. She then admitted that when it comes to Trump, “whatever he spews out of his mouth, I just love it.”

“It doesn’t matter what he says?” Klepper asked her. “But this isn’t a cult?”

“I don’t think so,” she replies.

In other words, this isn’t getting better any time soon. You can watch Klepper once again try to navigate the Trump world in the video above.

(Via The Daily Beast)