Judge Judy Makes $865,000 A Day And She Is Worth Every Cent (And She Knows It)

08.23.17 2 years ago 4 Comments


This last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones was watched live by around 10.2 million viewers. The seventh season finale of The Walking Dead was seen by 11 million live viewers. This Is Us is the highest rated show on broadcast television, and its first season finale scored around 12 million live viewers.

Those numbers are impressive, but they’re not as impressive as the fact that Judge Judy is seen by 10 million viewers. A day. 260 days a year. It’s the top rated syndicated show on television, and it has been for 8 years running. That’s why Judge Judith Sheindlin earns $45 million a year despite only working 5 days a month (meaning she earns $865,000 every day she works). And you know what?

She is worth every penny.

Why? Because the show that is seen by 10 million viewers every weekday also generates nearly $250 million in ad revenue for CBS. Compare that to the leader in advertising revenue in late night, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which generates around $196 million in ad revenue. There’s a reason that Judy Sheindlin earns $30 million a more per year than Jimmy Fallon.

And the thing is: She could make more.

Sheindlin is currently involved in a legal dispute between CBS and talent agency Rebel Entertainment Partners over the agency’s share of profits. Rebel wants more; CBS (and Sheindlin) think they’ve earned enough, what with the fact that Rebel had no actual involvement in the creation of the show, according to CBS. Sheindlin agrees, asserting that Rebel should be thankful they received any money at all, because she could leave CBS if she felt like it, and that would leave Rebel with nothing.

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