Julia Louis-Dreyfus Says She Would Love To Make More ‘Veep’ (DANIWAH!)

Though it’s been less than two years since Veep’s series finale aired on HBO, it feels like much longer—though not quite in the same way that spending 20 minutes with Catherine Meyer feels like a lifetime. Julia Louis-Dreyfus feels your pain. Though the award-winning star has kept herself plenty busy since the biting political satire bid farewell—what with having to be smuggled onto the set of Falcon and The Winter and Soldier and all—Louis-Dreyfus says she misses playing Selina Meyer.

In a wide-ranging interview with Variety, the 60-year-old actress was asked about any past roles she’d be interested in revisiting. While some would have expected her to answer Elaine Benes, given how long it’s been since we’ve checked in on the members of the Seinfeld gang, she was quick to admit that “I miss playing Selina Meyer.” While the opportunity to drop some of the most brilliantly sweary dialogue and insults ever written since The Thick of It (another Armando Iannucci joint) is enough of a reason to miss the role, Louis-Dreyfus says it goes beyond that.

In addition to missing the show’s equally brilliant cast and crew, Louis-Dreyfus—who broke an Emmy record when she won six consecutive Best Actress awards for her part in Veep—says that is was just really “exciting” to be Selina: “Playing that character, who was so out of her f*cking mind, and so undeveloped; it was just freeing! Everything was about her ego, with not a care in the world for another human being.”

Though the show’s finale did that Six Feet Under thing to see into the future, there’s certainly plenty of time to bring Veep back. And Louis-Dreyfus would love to see it happen. “It would give me enormous joy to do more Veep,’” she said. “And who knows, maybe we will one day.”

If any politician lacked the self-awareness to run for president yet again and think they had a chance of winning, it’s Selina Meyer (fictional politicians, that is; there are real ones who are much more deluded).

(Via Variety)