Kaley Cuoco Had The Most Wonderful (And Cathartic) Reaction To Her Golden Globes Nomination

Kaley Cuoco isn’t suffering for a total lack of nominations for her work. I mean, there are plenty of Teen Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, a few Critics’ Choice Awards, and ohhh yeah, those Golden Raspberry Awards. That’s kind-of to be expected when one has a long-term gig playing “the blonde” on a show like The Big Bang Theory, but Kaley could do more. She knew it, and we suspected it (after admittedly underestimating her for too long), and she’s pulling it off with a Golden Globe nomination for her work in HBO Max’s fantastic The Flight Attendant.

Granted, this year’s list of nominations feels even more chaotic than usual. Some mind-boggling and egregious snubs (I May Destroy You and Da 5 Bloods) occurred, and that hurt won’t go away anytime soon. However, Kaley received a much-deserved nod, and her reaction was priceless. As captured in this video, you can almost tangibly see the relief she’s feeling after receiving very little acclaim for her acting for many years.

Validation is a wonderful thing. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching The Flight Attendant on HBO Max, I suggest you do so soon. The entire first season’s available for streaming, and a second round is in the works. It’s a freaking fun show (surprisingly, since it revolves around an enormously bloody murder), and Kaley makes a terrific turn in a punchy, darkly comedic role. We wish her all the luck in taking down her rivals at the Globes ceremony on February 28.