Kat Dennings Was Thrilled Her ‘WandaVision’ Character Got Her Own Twitter Emoji

Kat Dennings showing up in WandaVision wasn’t as much of a surprise as perhaps it could have been for most. Dennings’ Darcy Lewis hadn’t shown up since Thor: The Dark World in 2013, and things are very different both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with Lewis herself. A teaser about what was coming in Episode 4 of the Disney+ series hit the internet ahead of its Friday release, and Dennings gave it a slight nod earlier in the week.

Slight spoilers ahead, but while her return to the MCU was certainly a welcome sight, there was something the actress apparently didn’t know came with a spot in the WandaVision cast. Shortly after the show’s fourth episode started streaming, Dennings excitedly posted on Twitter about the fact that her character got a special Twitter emoji.

In fact, Darcy was one of three new emojis made for the show, with Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau each getting their own at the end of their hashtags.

It’s certainly a nice bonus of being in a show like WandaVision, which is one of the most unique portions of the MCU to say the least. And it’s a show that’s already shown some considerable change for the character she hasn’t played in seven years.

After three episodes that were fairly formulaic and self-contained, the show’s cast certainly expanded in Episode 4. And so, too, did the mystery of what will happen next.