Kate Beckinsale And Her Daughter Swap Pictures Of Naked Michael Sheen As A Way To Cheer Up

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If you need a pick-me-up from the daily blues of living, there are many things you can choose. Alcohol, cuddly pets, overeating, and non-stop masturbation all likely top some lists, but it would seem there’s only one solution for Kate Beckinsale and her daughter. That’d be naked photos of Beckinsale’s former husband, Michael Sheen. Or any naked man it would seem.

As Beckinsale says, she and her daughter are cut from the same cloth of people who find naked men to be very funny. So when it comes to Michael Sheen, they can’t seem to get enough when the blues seem to be on the horizon. Some of us listen to Slayer, others stare at men’s dangly parts.

If this proves anything about Beckinsale, it’s that she has a great relationship with her ex-husband. She apparently loves Sarah Silverman, Sheen’s current partner, spends family time with him thanks to their daughter, and send little jokes across late night interviews. It’s a special way to not want to be in a relationship with someone, but still want to be connected to them. Normally having your ex-wife share naked photos of you on television is a bad thing, but here it’s just these two being chummy. And very, British.

(Via Conan)