Kate McKinnon Crashed Ariana DeBose’s ‘SNL’ Monologue So The Two Could Sing Songs From ‘West Side Story’

The Omicron variant doesn’t seem to be affecting movies, or at least some of them. Spider-Man: No Way Home is breaking records, and it finally got unseated by the new Scream. But one movie that’s fallen through the cracks is West Side Story, Steven Spielberg’s take on the classic musical, which was filmed in the early ‘60s to boffo box office and a ton of Oscars. It’s a shame because it’s a pretty great movie. And at least awards bodies are heaping it with trophies, including a Golden Globe for the movie’s resident Anita, Ariana DeBose.

SNL also recognized the film’s excellence, tapping DeBose to host its first episode of the new year. Naturally the Broadway and film actress, who can be seen in the filmed version of Hamilton, whipped out some West Side Story. She was joined by Kate McKinnon, self-professed West Side Story head, who’s such a fan that she knows all the shows but not so much that she actually saw the new movie.

“I don’t leave the house because of COVID and also I don’t leave the house,” McKinnon joked.

The pair then proceeded through some (though not all) of the show’s best songs, from “Tonight” to “I Feel Pretty” to “Something’s Coming” to “America.” You can watch the medley in the video above and at some point you should probably go see the new West Side Story because it’s even better than this.