Good Luck Trying To Pick Out Kate McKinnon’s Best ‘SNL’ Impression

The current cast of Saturday Night Live is particularly strong, with every member being both funny and in possession of a few very specific talents.

Then there’s Kate McKinnon, who is good at everything.

A master impressionist, McKinnon can shape shift all over the place, between accents, nationalities and even genders. She seems more like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban than the actual Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban.

And getting back to accents for a second, whether McKinnon is playing a Latina, a Russian, a German or even an Australian, she sounds exactly like a native. Her Iggy Azalea represents some of the best impression work she does.

There are her spoofs on popular talk show hosts, from Jane Lynch to Ellen DeGeneres. Other pop stars such as Shakira and Lorde always elicit big laughs.

Weekend Update always allows McKinnon plenty of room to work too. She’s done German chancellor Angela Merkel several times and it’s always hilarious, especially when she starts talking about President Obama. And she’ll even break out a terrific Ruth Bader Ginsburg look every now and again.

McKinnon’s best-known impression is probably that of Hillary Clinton and given the current election cycle, you can expect to see plenty of that one over the next several months. Will McKinnon stay on SNL for four or even possibly eight more years should the former first lady become our next president? We can only hope.

Check out the video above to see some of McKinnon’s best impressions all wrapped up in a tidy package.