Kate McKinnon Brought Back Dr. Wenowdis On ‘SNL’ Weekend Update To Cope With Vaccine News

Few things are as satisfying on Saturday Night Live as Kate McKinnon breaking character. Earlier this season she did just that while playing Dr. Wenowdis on Weekend Update, breaking the fourth wall to admit the character came from the doldrums of pandemic lockdown and had all but lost it.

The moment was so well-received that it’s no surprise McKinnon reprised that role on Saturday, joining Weekend Update again to poke and prod at Colin Jost. She was back to talk about the vaccine, which is certainly good news but which also comes with a large amount of uncertainty as to who will be get access to it first, as well as which company’s vaccine they can take.

“Just to clarify for the viewers, are you saying ‘we know this’ or are you just sort of saying your own name like Pikachu?” Jost asked.

“It’s a little bit of both, baby,” McKinnon said, drawing a huge smile from Jost.

Once again, McKinnon broke character to address the audience directly about the current state of things, which likely means that the first time she did this it was a bit more scripted than it seemed. But it drew big laughs and it’s clearly a character McKinnon loves to play.