Kelly Ripa’s Feud With ‘The Bachelor’ Host And Creator Is Getting Ugly, And ABC Execs Are Weighing In

05.17.19 1 month ago

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In case you missed it, Kelly Ripa ignited a full-on feud this week by slamming The Bachelor franchise on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Her remarks came as her co-host Ryan Seacrest was announcing that current Bachelorette Hannah Brown would be appearing on the show Thursday. “Guys, you know how I feel about this show,” she said. “It disgusts me.”

“And I thought that I was disgusted because I couldn’t stand the idea of 25 exceptional women fighting over one ordinary fella, in my opinion,” she continued — although “exceptional” might be stretching it a bit, in some cases. “You know how I feel, ladies: We are too special to be arguing over a guy.”

On one hand, The Bachelor is just a silly show, so calm down Kelly Ripa. But on the other hand, the world is a much different place than it was when the reality dating show premiered in 2002 so maybe she has a point?

At any rate, her remarks did not sit well with The Bachelor host and creator, Chris Harrison And Mike Fleiss. Later that day Harrison tweeted: “Look out #BachelorNation ⁦Kelly Ripa⁩ is coming after you and your ‘disgusting’ Monday night habit.”

Fleiss also tweeted at Ripa, taking it a gross step further by insinuating that The Bachelor pays her salary:

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