After Four Seasons, Most Viewers Still Don’t Know The Name Of This MVP ‘The Walking Dead’ Character

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01.18.19 2 Comments


He’s been on The Walking Dead for four seasons, debuting 16 episodes before Negan. He’s been around longer than Jesus and Ezekiel. He’s been in more episodes than Dale, The Governor, and T-Dog. In fact, he’s been in the exact same number of episodes as Shane Walsh. He’s not a flashy character. He doesn’t get many lines to speak, but when a gap needs to be filled and everyone else is preoccupied, he’s the guy The Walking Dead turns to.

Yet, if you asked even the most ardent fan of The Walking Dead, nine out of ten viewers wouldn’t be able to tell you who he is. In fact, more than half would probably ask, “Who?”

His name is Scott, and when The Walking Dead needs a guy to hold a gun, he’s their man!


The interesting thing about Scott is that he’s played by Kenric Green, the real-life husband of Sonequa Martin-Green, who played Sasha on The Walking Dead. But even after Sasha was killed off the series, and Sonequa Martin-Green moved along to CBS All Access’s Star Trek series, Kenric Green remained behind, providing valuable support where necessary. He may not be the lifeblood of The Walking Dead, but he’s definitely shed blood!

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