Kevin Hart Will Play A Version Of Himself In An Upcoming Action-Comedy Series

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Despite the sudden cancellation of venerated shows like Tuca & Bertie, Netflix is still king. So too is streaming, which is soon to see an influx of even more platforms like WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, Disney Plus, and NBCUniversal’s untitled follow-up to its failed comedy-centric Seeso streamer. And then there’s Quibi, an upcoming digital outlet that’s banking big on very, very short-form series and other forms of programming. Among the platforms ranks, which already includes Steven Spielberg and the WWE, is stand-up comedian Kevin Hart.

On Tuesday, Vulture reported that Hart next project would be a new short-form Quibi series called Action Scene. Per the show’s official description:

“[Hart will play] a fictionalized version of himself on a quest to land the action movie role of a lifetime. After being rejected for the role, Kevin randomly encounters a leading A-List action movie star which inadvertently sets off a chain of events, causing Kevin to fight his way through a series of hilarious, over-the-top action sequences with the help of some of Hollywood’s biggest action movie heroes.”

If anything, Action Scene sounds like a longer, slightly less exaggerated version of the opening portion of Hart’s 2015 stand-up special What Now?, in which he plays a secret agent from MI6 who’s attending a poker game with “Money Berry,” a character played by Halle Berry. In other words… Action Scene sounds like it’s going to be very silly and just a little bit ridiculous. No word yet on whether Hart’s fictionalized version of himself will be hosting the Oscars, though.

(Via Vulture)