Kevin Spacey Is No Longer Welcome On CBS’ Star-Studded Tribute To Carol Burnett

Kevin Spacey is no longer welcome in CBS’ massive two-hour tribute to Carol Burnett.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Spacey’s recorded segment for the network’s Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special will be removed from the upcoming telecast. It’s the latest bit of public distancing we’ve seen since Anthony Rapp wrote about Spacey making unwanted sexual advances towards him as a teen and the wave of other tales of assault and unacceptable behavior that followed. Netflix has stated that they will not be working with Spacey going forward, vowed not to go forward with House of Cards if Spacey’s still around and has chosen not to move forward with the Gore Vidal biopic that Spacey was starring in and producing.

This isn’t the first time this month we’ve seen CBS pull a star from one of their broadcasts over assault allegations. Last week, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert axed a taped interview segment featuring Jeremy Piven in response to claims the actor groped Ariane Bellamar on multiple occasions. It also raises questions on how the network will handle Mel Gibson’s Daddy Home 2 promotional appearances in the near future.

Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special, which features Jim Carrey, Bernadette Peters, Kristin Chenoweth, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, Jane Lynch, Harry Connick Jr., Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph and Martin Short among its celebrity guests, will air on CBS on December 3.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)