Kevin Spacey Brought Carol Burnett To Tears With A Touching Jimmy Stewart Impression

As a little kid, I watched a seemingly odd amount of Hogan’s Heroes and The Carol Burnett Show reruns. That statement may seem like an odd way to note my enjoyment of Burnett’s variety show, but Kevin Spacey decided to do something a bit more random than that on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Well, technically, it wasn’t Kevin Spacey at all.

While finishing up her interview, Colbert brought up to Burnett that her idol, Jimmy Stewart, was one of her final guests. This served as a cue for Spacey, and idolater of Burnett, to come in a bit early and read a poem praising Burnett while using a Stewart impression, much in the same way that the legendary actor would do during his visits to The Tonight Show. What transpires is a true moment of adoration and emotion from a damn fine actor to a very funny woman. Perhaps the funniest.

(Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)