K-Mart’s Big Gas Commercial Will Solve All Your Big Gas Problems

True story: I was huge David Letterman fan growing up, and many of you may fondly recall that back in his Late Night days, he used to give away Big Ass Hams to audience members. That obsession would follow me to law school, where I stupidly chose as my official school email address: bigassham@bu.edu. I was quite impressed with my cleverness until, of course, interviews at the big ass firms rolled around, and I was dumb enough to put my actual email address on my resume, which is of course why I’m a TV blogger today instead of a miserable sh*t working in a law firm.

The point is, this latest K-Mark commercial reminds me a lot of those old Letterman bits. In fact, I didn’t even realize it was a brilliant pun until the second time I watched the spot, which is advertising … huge savings on gas. Whatever. I’m sure you’ll ALL get it the first time around, and then I’ll be the big ass bag who missed the joke. Of course, I’d probably have been quicker on the uptake if I’d seen their previous “Ship My Pants” ad. Those K-Mart ad men are quick with a dirty pun.

Well played, K-Mart. Well played (does anyone know if this is playing on TV?)

(H/T Danger, via Mashable)