Kristen Bell Thinks Hulu’s ‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Is ‘Exactly What The World Needs Right Now’

Warner Bros.

It turns out The Good Place‘s shooting schedule won’t prove as problematic for a potential Veronica Mars revival as previously thought, because Kristen Bell took to Instagram to confirm the series’ return on Thursday. The Hollywood Reporter adds that it will consist of eight episodes. News of a potential revival at Hulu first popped up in August, when Variety reported that Bell and show creator Rob Thomas were involved in early talks with Warner Bros. Television and the streamer. Nothing definite was known at the time, but with Thursday’s announcement, it seems Veronica Mars is definitely coming back.

“This is a very important marshmallow announcement,” Bell says in her Instagram video, which she directly addresses to the show’s cult following. “Did you guys know that, as of summer 2019, all of the old Veronica Mars episodes will be available on Hulu to stream and rewatch? Which is great, because you’ll need to brush up since we’re making another one!”

Interestingly, in the text accompanying the video post, Bell seemingly ties the character to the current climate the American entertainment industry (and politics at large) now faces vis-à-vis the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. “Veronica has always been a superhero without a cape,” she writes. “And I think she’s exactly what the world needs right now.” Bell doesn’t mention either #MeToo or Time’s Up directly, but considering the show’s many dealings with sexual assault, its perpetrators and those who protect them, it’s difficult not to see the connection.