All The Ways The Fake Series On ‘Kroll Show’ Were Connected This Season

Tonight is the series finale of Kroll Show. This is both good and bad news. First, the bad: The show’s never been better. The acting, the writing, the editing, the directing, the sound effects, the accents; they’re all working in complete high-level unison with each other, which actually segues to the good. Nick Kroll requested to end the show after Season 3 because A) he didn’t want the quality to drop, and B) he wanted to wrap up all the loose threads on his own terms. That might sound like a weird thing to say about a sketch series, but Kroll Show is no ordinary sketch series. Nearly all of the various fake-shows have intersected at some point this year, whether it’s Dr. Armond on Show Us Your Songs, or one of the Lizes digging for gold.

It’s been a delight to watch, and in honor of tonight’s finale, I attempted to note every way the individual sketches have connected this season (and only this season).

Gene Creemers plays Coach Teacher on Wheels Ontario and hosts Show Us Your Songs.

Wheels Ontario star Bryan La Cróix has his own talk-show, Bryan La Cróix Cheque-In, hosted by the creepy Hoffman Twins, who freak out over his “Ottawanna Go to Bed” music video.

He’s also another co-host of Show Us Your Songs.

Dr. Armond is the latest contestant on the dating reality show Loser’s Bracket.

The man who Dr. Armond thinks murdered his wife appeared on Show Us Your Songs.

The same European Man is also a Chemical Brothers-loving member of the hacktivist group the Realists and hosts The European’s Guide to Being a Cannibal.

The Rich Dicks and Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland see the same doctor.

PubLIZity‘s Liz G grew out her bangs, and now she’s on Gold Diggers.

Todd and Dusty go from Gold Diggers to Hunt or Gather (to stay out of jail).

George and Gil say hello to the Hunt or Gather camera.

Nash Rickey picks a fight with the bully of Denise, whose go-to karaoke song is Bryan La Cróix’s “NTR 2 Win.” He later shows up again to help out Pawnsylvania Murph’s best man Joe.

Jon Daly’s Kelsey Grammer on Chairs sounds a lot like Dr. Armond’s friend Kelsey Grammer.

Bobby Bottleservice, Farley, CT, and others invade Gigolo House in The In Addition Tos.

PubLIZity‘s Liz and C-Czar argue over their child’s name on Toilet Dad, and C-Czar and Bob Ducca later pitch their product Goo-Goo Glasses to Liz and Cassandra.

After being hired by Tommy Rothchild of the Realists, the Lizes learn the world is run by lizards from the internet series Truthlings: What On Earth Will We Do?

A Realist “free thinker” is a special guest on Truthlings: What On Earth Will We Do?

And another hacker sits in the backseat for Crab Cab, hosted by Fabrice Fabrice.

Señor Feeture remixed “Ottawanna Go to Bed” and sings “Broin’ Country” with Bobby and Peter.

Gigolo House‘s Farley finally gets her own show, Look Like Dis, which Bobby invades.

George and Gil take a road trip to Pittsburgh and visit Pawnsylvania.

The Hoffman Twins go after Gene Creemers HARD.

R. Schrift goes from syndicated Australian mainstays Manchine, Dentist the Mentalist, and Rocks & Roll to replacing Bryan La Cróix on Show Us Your Songs.

Ruth Diamond Phillips botched the Dr. Armond case. She’s now getting makeovers from Farley on Look Like Dis and telling her story on Laws of Attraction: When Lawyers Cross the Line.

Sly gets fired from the Rich Dicks restaurant and opens his own food truck, Molecular Pastranomy. Bobby and Peter get him to shrink them down so they can go inside Bobby’s body on Body Bouncers.

Therapist Ron Funches gets his 3,000 hours by advising Liz, C-Czar, Bob Ducca, and Cassandra.

Roman’s ringtone is “LA Deli” by Sloppy Secondz.

Roman also mocks C-Czar being “broke as f*ck” on Toilet Dad.

Dr. Armond talks to the Show Us Your Songs contestants, then learns from Gene Creemers, R. Schrift, and Roman that his wife’s still alive and nothing that happened to him is real.