Lana Condor Will Follow ‘To All The Boys’ With A Teen Ghost Series Called ‘Boo, Bitch’

Netflix’s To All The Boys movie series will become a trilogy later this month, but its central star has other plans in the works that are a bit more supernatural in nature. The third To All The Boys movie, Always And Forever, hits Netflix on February 12 but Friday brought news that Condor will be involved in a series about the teenage afterlife.

Netflix announced that Condor will star and executive produce a limited series called Boo, Bitch, which casts the To All The Boys star as a teen trying to “live an epic life” but woke up to find out that she’s dead. And a ghost.

If that sounds a lot like Teen Angel, well, here’s hoping. And while most of the comments were from people either happy for Condor or requesting other Netflix shows get another season, it’s certainly a nice place to go from the To All The Boys series that can expand her work with the streaming service moving forward.

Condor certainly seems excited about exploring the teen entertainment world in a slightly different context, and spent much of Friday rewteeting stories about the series announcement.

We’ll have to see just how much TGIF is in Boo, Bitch when it actually hits Netflix, but turning teens into ghosts is always fruitful TV show material.