Larry David’s Statement On HBO’s Renewal Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Is Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

Quarantine television — in which entertainers entertain us by sitting in front of webcams in their homes while quarantining — has been a mixed bag. Even SNL, after a better-than-expected first “At Home” episode, saw its ratings slip for its second go, suggesting viewers weren’t going to put up with this style for too long. But if there’s anyone we’d love to see grumbling in front of a laptop, it’s Larry David. So here’s some pretty, pretty, pretty good news: As per Variety, Curb Your Enthusiasm has been renewed for an eleventh season. What’s more, his response was pretty, pretty, pretty great as well.

David did not reveal any details of the next season, not even if he’d actually address the real-life horror-show we’re enduring with no end in sight. (Although the famously grouchy entertainer, at least in April, told The New York Times that he’s enjoying his quarantine.) But he did leave a honey of a quote. “Believe me, I’m as upset about this as you are,” David told Variety. “One day I can only hope that HBO will come to their senses and grant me the cancellation I so richly deserve.”

Will David and company wait to shoot the series after things chill out in Los Angeles? Who knows, but from the sound of it, California won’t be returning to normal any time soon. That means Season 11 may be a glorious depiction of how Fake Larry David handles quarantining, deliveries, cooking at home, Zoom sessions with dodgy buffering issues, and, when he braves the outside, awful people not wearing masks. Really, if anyone going to be the poet of the pandemic, it’s Larry David.

The most recent season of Curb Your Enthusiasm bowed earlier this year, and it should be fun seeing how he writes his way out of its shocking conclusion.

(Via Variety)