‘Last Week Tonight’ Couldn’t Resist An Emergency Announcement About The Shirtless Adam Driver Ad Campaign

Did you think that Adam Driver “demanding” that John Oliver please stop airing his unquenchable thirst for the Girls actor would end the obsession? No way. Oliver has, however, taken an on-air breather after his Facetime confrontation with Driver, who he has referred to in all manner of absurdly dirty ways. Things grew rather, uh, grim in 2020, too, with Oliver diving into otherwise entirely bleak Coronavirus updates to declare that “Adam Driver fever” is the only infectious disease that should be going around while referring to Driver as a “f*ckable redwood,” “brooding mountain,” and “big unwashed buffalo,” among other things. Endless followups arrived that included, “Sneeze in my McFlurry, you pensive bison. Ravage my lungs, you relentless hillock.”

Had John Oliver had enough yet at that point? Nope. He went on to declare, “Chokeslam me to hell, you nasty shed” and “jam your mandible claw down my throat, you irredeemable steer.” So, if you instantly thought (as I did) of how John Oliver would react to Adam Driver’s new Burberry ad, in which he shirtlessly frolics in the ocean and turns into a centaur, well, you weren’t alone. Apparently, Oliver’s obsession still runs wild, and one can imagine that he can’t handle the ad.

Last Week Tonight was quick to make an announcement, rather than make us wait until Sunday for the full effect. On Twitter, Oliver the show announced that “[a]fter an unexpected development that will require John’s full attention, there will be no new episodes of Last Week Tonight for the foreseeable future.” In doing so, the show retweeted a quote of the “I quench that thirst” lyrics from the Burberry commercial’s song, FKA Twigs’ “Two Weeks.” Oh boy.

Well, Last Week Tonight is still scheduled for an episode this Sunday night, so we’ll see what type of on-air reaction Oliver reveals. Surely, it will look something like this…