A Deleted ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene Would Have Answered A Big Cersei Question, According To Lena Headey


Game of Thrones delivered a number of major final season deaths, but perhaps none were as underwhelming as the fate of Cersei Lannister. A formidable villain such as herself deserved to go out in a spectacular way, and Lena Headey has confirmed that she wished for a better death for her character as well. Headey’s still feeling quite open while speaking with fans, it seems, for The Mary Sue points folks toward Headey spilling major tea on a lingering audience question about Cersei and her twin-lover, Jaime. Did Cersei fall pregnant with his child? If so, was she still pregnant during the eighth season and using her sexual relations with Euron Greyjoy as a cover?

The answer to those questions carried a few implications, including Cersei using such a pregnancy as a means to manipulate other characters and save her own life. After all, she’d tragically lost all of her children, and Cersei wasn’t above using that to her advantage. Well, while talking with the attendees of last weekend’s German Comic-Con, Headey stated that, yes, Cersei was pregnant with Jaime, but she suffered a miscarriage near the end of season seven:

“We shot a scene that never made it into Season 7 which was where I lose the baby and it was a really traumatic, great moment for Cersei, and it never made it in and I kind of loved doing that because I thought it would have served her differently.”

Indeed, this information actually makes Cersei’s death (and Jaime’s drive to return to his sister, which broke Ser Brienne’s heart) even more underwhelming. However, the choice to not clear up whether Cersei was pregnant did add a mysterious air to her smirk-filled maneuvering throughout the final season. Watch fan-captured footage of Headey’s revelation below.

(Via The Mary Sue)