Leslie Jones Manages To Fluster Jimmy Fallon With A Perfect ‘Nuts’ Joke

Everyone knows that Jimmy Fallon is the “safe” late night talk show host. Try as he might, he just can’t nail down biting political humor (which is why he’s currently getting trounced by Stephen Colbert in the ratings) and it makes him visibly uncomfortable when a guest like, say, Ricky Gervais goes into great and explicit detail about the state of his testicles.

So Fallon probably should have (and maybe did) see it coming when he brought on Leslie Jones Wednesday night, who has a reputation of being both unpredictable and NSFW. During a game a “Truth or Lie” with Dr. Phil, to see if the famed television psychologist could see through her possible bullcrap, Jones claimed to have once been chased through a McDonald’s drive-thru by a car… while she was on a date.

“Did you already have your food?” asked Dr. Phil. “No, I ordered the food,” clarified Jones. “What’d you order?” Dr. Phil continued. “A sundae with no nuts … because he wanted to hit me with his,” Jones flatly stated, as Dr. Phil somehow barely managed to keep a straight face and Fallon crumpled up his paper and proceeded to exit, stage left.

For what it’s worth, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Jones was indeed telling the truth. No word on whether or not she ever got those nuts.