Leslie Jones Made Her MSNBC Debut And Unloaded On People Not Wearing Masks

Over the last couple of weeks, Leslie Jones has been providing entertaining political commentary on her Twitter feed, including ripping into Donald Trump’s “F*CKING EMBARRASSING” lie-filled speech and mocking the Zoom backgrounds of various MSNBC commentators. Her interest in cable news kicked off on Election Night when she saw Steve Kornacki excitedly break down voting scenarios and election results in real time, with little to no sleep (Jones can relate from her time on SNL).

“I saw you one day and I was like, ‘Oh my god’ and just started watching and I think at the time Steve was at the board,” the Supermarket Sweep host told The Reid Out‘s Joy Reid during her debut appearance on MSNBC on Wednesday. “And I was like, ‘Who is this guy? He’s absolutely thorough and awesome. Who is he? He looks concerned, I need him in my life.’ And that’s how it started.” Jones also discussed how she’s able to stay optimistic when America, and the pandemic-stricken world as a whole, is so… yeah:

“I’m 53 years old, Joy. I have been through a lot of presidencies. I was around with Reagan. I have been here a long time and I have a great sense of humor. And you have to have a great sense of humor in life. Because either you are going to cry all night or you are going to laugh. I’d rather laugh.”

That being said, Jones is furious at — and confused by — anti-maskers. “How are we divided right now? That makes no sense. How we made the pandemic a political thing makes me absolutely enraged,” she said. “And it makes me go, ‘OK, is half of our country selfish? Are y’all selfish? Are you really not taking it seriously?’ Just the sight of seeing bodies in a freezer truck, Joy, how does that not break whatever it is? Even if you don’t believe it, ‘I’m going to wear a mask just because I don’t want to be a part of the bad stuff that’s going on.’ Come on, you guys. When are you going to start thinking about each other instead of our own agendas?” You can watch clips below.

(Via EW)