Looking Back At Charlie Murphy’s Greatest ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Moments

The 2010s have given us sporadic Dave Chappelle offerings. We saw him make the late night rounds on Letterman and Kimmel, in 2014 and crash the Today Show, and perform a block of concerts at Radio City Music Hall for the luckiest people on the planet. Then of course, he gifted us all out of the blue with not one, but two new stand-up specials on Netflix this year. A thousand thanks for that, Dave.

The Chappelle’s Show‘s influence on comedy and pop culture can’t be underestimated, and two of its most well-known, most quoted and most GIF-able sketches can be credited to cast member Charlie Murphy, who sadly died on Tuesday at the age of 57.

The older brother of Eddie Murphy had an almost infinite number of stories to pull from about witnessing the bizarreness that is being a celebrity. In honor of his memory and the work he did on Chappelle’s Show, we’re re-running this 2014 look back at his finest moments on the show. Plus, one Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Story that unfortunately never became a sketch.

“Mad Real World”

“Mad Real World” was one of Charlie’s standout sketches from the first season of Chappelle’s Show. The entire fish out of water premise is funny enough, but Charlie’s character Tyree was nothing short of a roommate nightmare and one of the sketches best characters.

“Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories: Prince”