LeVar Burton Has Landed A Second New Hosting Gig Following The Whole ‘Jeopardy!’ Fiasco

LeVar Burton is on a hosting hot streak. The beloved Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation star has picked up another hosting gig following the Jeopardy! debacle that saw him passed over as a potential successor to Alex Trebek. (Executive Producer Mike Richards won the top position, only to be forced out after one day of taping following numerous allegations of racist and sexist remarks.) This time around, Burton has been scooped up as the new host of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and he couldn’t be more honored to be part of the rigorous academic event. Via Fox News:

Burton comes from a family of educators and said the bee represents “the inspirational, aspirational ideal of education.”

“I want to normalize the pursuit of knowledge in this culture. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it?” Burton said. “Not just making stuff up and calling it a fact. Achievement through knowledge, scholarship, putting in the work to gain the reward.”

According to Scripps, Burton immediately said “yes” when offered the position, which is now his second hosting position since appearing on Jeopardy! over the summer. After that situation devolved into scandal, Burton realized it was a blessing in disguise and found a game show to call his own. Burton and Hasbro are currently working on a television version of Trivial Pursuit, which will feature the “iconic member of American pop culture” at the podium when it airs.

(Via Fox News)