A Petition To Make LeVar Burton The New Host Of ‘Jeopardy!’ Has Received A Ton Of Signatures

Since the passing of Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! has been on the hunt for someone who could feasibly replace one of the game show world’s most iconic hosts. It’s…not been going great. But there have been a few clear frontrunners. One of them is LeVar Burton, the Star Trek: TNG and Reading Rainbow alum. And now that the show is once again without a regular host, the pro-Burton camp is once again in full swing.

As per Newsweek, a petition on, with the simple title “Make LeVar Burton the host of Jeopardy!,” is becoming one of the site’s most signed pages. As of this writing, it’s nearing 300,000 signatures (which, troublingly, is more than ones for more pressing issues).

Burton was one of a number of guest hosts who’ve filled in since the show started again in January, minus its longtime regular. His stint wasn’t a ratings bonanza, coming in lower than people like Ken Jennings and, yes, Mike Richards, the now-former executive producer who infamously landed the gig before exiting in disgrace. But that may be because it coincided with the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Jeopardy! suits reportedly weren’t really considering Burton as a full-time host, saying he wasn’t the “right fit.” But perhaps, with the continued love he’s received over the last few months, they may reconsider.

(Via Newsweek)