Someone At ‘SNL’ Please Grant Lily Gladstone Her Wish And Let Her Host The Show

In a week, Lily Gladstone may win an Oscar. Or maybe she won’t and that will be fine; she has a long career ahead of her, rich with potential. After Killers of the Flower Moon, the obvious roles to give her are serious. But what does she really want to do? Host SNL.

“That’s been probably a dream that I’ve held on my own,” Gladstone told People. “It’s like my parents — and I think it’s just what people say when you have an aspiration to act, and they want to encourage you as a kid — it’s like, ‘Oh, you’ll get an Oscar one day.’ So it almost just becomes a platitude.”

She added, “But the thing that I’ve always wanted to do if I’ve had this moment is to host SNL.”

In its 49-year history SNL has never had an Indigenous host, and Gladstone would be a good one. She spends so much of Flower Moon either mourning the murder of loved ones or in bed, slowly succumbing to poison. And though she’s appeared on the far more comedic Reservation Dogs, she could really use a chance to cut loose and have some fun. Let the actress who had to suffer an unrequited crush on Kristen Stewart in Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Woman wear funny wigs, team up with Please Don’t Destroy, do a wild monologue on Weekend Update. We already know she’s does a killer Harrison Ford. C’mon, Lorne Michaels. She’s earned it.

(Via People)