Lily James And Sebastian Stan Look Freakishly Like Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee In The First Look At Their Hulu Show

Back in December it was revealed that Hulu had greenlit Pam and Tommy, a series about noted raucous power couple Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. But there was some trepidation about who they cast: nice British actress Lily James and nice-seeming MCU stalwart Sebastian Stan. Were they too clean-cut to play one of the ’90s wildest pairs? Could you buy the Winter Soldier as the former Mötley Crüe co-founder? Now we know they at least look the part.

As per Variety, the first images of the Cinderella actress and the I, Tonya guy are out, and frankly? Not bad! Granted, it’s just two stills, one with James posing for the camera, her hand furtively trying to block the lens, the other with Stan standing shirtless and aggressively tatted-up, with James playfully biting his left nipple. And the resemblance is uncanny.

Whether they can play the parts remains to be seen, but hey: actors are actors. It does conform to a dubious trend wherein actors are expected to look as much like the famous people they’re playing as possible. That can slightly backfire; people were rightfully unnerved when the first images emerged of Charlize Theron in Bombshell, in which she looked so much like Fox News monster Megyn Kelly that they might as well have been looking at a picture of Megyn Kelly. These images of James and Stan as Pam and Tommy aren’t creepy like that. In fact, they’re pretty impressive.

(Via Variety)