Liza Minnelli Will Return To ‘Arrested Development’…With Chicken Fingers And Club Sauce?

Among the many improbable things Arrested Development accomplished in its three seasons on-air, the most unlikely may have been making a comedy icon out of Liza Minnelli, a 60-year-old gay icon known as the Queen of Broadway. But Minnelli killed it as Lucille “Too” Austero, the BITCH who lives next door to Lucille Bluth and dates both Buster and Gob, and according to TV Guide, she’s set to reprise her role in the upcoming revival.

Guess who just got Arrested? The wonderfully kooky Liza Minnelli has landed in L.A. to shoot scenes for Netflix’s limited revival of the equally kooky 2003-06 Fox sitcom, Arrested Development.

Minnelli will reprise her role as Lucille Austero, a character who made several appearances as the older girlfriend of socially awkward Bluth son Buster (Tony Hale). The wobbly character, who suffered from debilitating vertigo, shared the same name as Bluth matriarch, Lucille (Jessica Walter). The two Lucilles were often at odds. (Via)

They’re just one Annyong casting announcement away from convincing me this whole thing might just work out.

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