Three Places The ‘Enchanting’ Ending To Episode 5 Of ‘Loki’ Could Be

Now that we’re done freaking out over the lack of an end credits scene following that episode (but like seriously, how does this show just keep getting better?), let’s talk about where we did leave off: Loki and Sylvie, hand-in-hand, facing a giant palace after entering the mind of Alioth. Much like every scene of Loki, this then raises the question of what exactly are we looking at here — and we think we might know. Here are a few possibilities as to where the “enchanting” series finale will take place that would be equal parts epic and enlightening.

1. Kang’s Domain/Chronopolis

Between Ravonna, Alioth, the Time Variance Authority, and his role confirmed in 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, all signs point to the location we see being none other than the home of Kang the Conqueror, Chronopolis. If so, it’s likely that rather than taking Kang on, Loki and Sylvie’s discovery is inevitably going to lead to his rise to power. This would reinforce Loki’s tendency to cause chaos wherever they go, which feels bleak for the show to do but is likely, and set a lot of phase four into motion. In addition, since the show is focusing on Ravonna, who is also on her way to the home of the TVA’s ruler, it would make sense for it to be Kang due to the nature of their shared story.

2. Evil Loki’s Palace

While this show certainly has the potential to go big, it could fool us all by going a bit smaller than we anticipated — which is a pretty Loki thing to do, Mobius would say. Just as Loki and Sylvie’s relationship can be seen as Loki finally finding a way to love and understand himself after years of self-loathing and insecurity, watching him face-off against a true evil Loki would give us a chance to see how far the God of Chaos has come. While it’s one thing to love yourself, it’s another thing entirely to own up to the worst bits of yourself. It could be that Loki is about to enter his own darkest lair, which will make for an exciting and cathartic final episode.

3. Doctor Doom’s Castle/Doomstadt

If Kang’s domain is Loki going big, Doctor Doom’s castle takes the show to a different dimension. I truly don’t think this is likely, but I’ve seen the rumors on Reddit and can’t deny that the location seen in their enchantment looks irrefutably like Doomstadt! If this ends up being true, this is a helluva way to introduce legendary villain Doctor Doom — and the Fantastic Four — to the MCU.

Of course, we have to admit there is always the possibility that Marvel will take us somewhere completely unexpected and our grasping at threads was all for naught. However, while all this speculation is maddening now, we know we sure are going to miss it when all our questions are answered in next week’s series finale.