‘Loki’s Fifth Episode Was Jam-Packed With Easter Eggs And Huge Moments And Marvel Fans Are Losing Their Minds

WARNING: Spoilers for Loki will be found below.

Picking up where last week’s mind-blowing post-credits scene left off, the fifth episode of Loki, “Journey into Mystery,” was a jam-packed journey filled with so many memorable moments and Easter eggs that Marvel fans can barely keep up with all of them. After being “pruned,” Tom Hiddleston’s Loki finds himself in a “Void” world where the Time Variance Authority has basically been dumping people and relics that no longer belong on the Sacred Timeline. Except not only does that include a grab bag of Loki Variants, but the landscape is literally peppered with easily the most amount of Easter eggs the MCU has ever seen.

While some hidden gems were obviously more exciting than others, there were clearly two Easter eggs that melted the most minds on Twitter: Frog Thor and the Thanos Copter. Dropping them into “Journey into Mystery” was more than a visual treat though. It signaled the MCU’s recent trend of paying homage to classic comic book moments. (Think the Halloween costumes in WandaVision and the arrival of White Vision.) And we’ll circle back to that topic in a moment.


“Journey into Mystery” also reunited Loki and Mobius, whose relationship already has its own fan name, “Lokius,” and man, were those people stoked to see these two characters hug.

Heck, even Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie is Team Lokius.


“Journey into Mystery” also introduced Kid Loki, who notably survived the episode’s final moments putting even more pieces into place for Young Avengers in the MCU. But more importantly, folks did not expect his Nexus event to be killing Thor.

After being hyped up in trailers and promo spots, President Loki also showed up, but only for a brief moment. However, that was more than enough for fans to demand more of this cock-sure, and now handless prince.


But of all the Variants, Richard E. Grant’s Old Loki ended up being the absolute showstopper. Decked out in the classic Loki costume from the comics, Old Loki brought down the house and demonstrated that Loki is more powerful than anyone, including himself, ever realized.


That being said, there is a dark horse contender for the best Loki Variant even though his name didn’t end up being Croki. We’ll let that slide.