Loren Bouchard On ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ How His Show Survived, And The Beauty Of Never Growing Up

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11.13.15 2 Comments
Bob's burgers Final

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Bob’s Burgers is in the middle of a highly successful sixth season on Fox. While other shows flounder to find new and exciting material after such a long time, this critically-acclaimed fan favorite about a man, his high-strung wife, and his three progressively strange children, continues to make audiences laugh. It’s one of those shows, like South Park and The Simpsons that endures season after season, making episodes fun to watch even after repeated viewings.

I’ve been a huge fan of the show since its first episode. It’s gotten me through several holiday seasons and even through my final semester of grad school, when I’m pretty sure I chose to re-watch episodes of Bob’s Burgers instead of finishing the papers I was supposed to write. Recently, I had the chance to speak with the show’s creator, Loren Bouchard, known not only for giving the world Gene, Tina, and Louise Belcher, but also Home Movies, and Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil. His career spans decades of cartoon hilarity and includes writing, producing, and directing credits on such shows as Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist and Science Court, a show that’s gone, but certainly not forgotten by those of us who watched it in the late ’90s. (Several episodes are on YouTube. Check them out!)

Bouchard and I spoke about the current season of Bob’s Burgers, the show’s beginnings, and this season’s holiday episodes. On the phone, Bouchard is warm and thoughtful, although not as raucous as you’d expect from someone who thought up Linda Belcher, her sister Gayle, and a plot that revolves around paintings of animal butt holes and the havoc they wreak. And, because of a scheduling gaffe earlier in the week, Bouchard actually gave me much longer than the allotted time I was supposed to have with him, taking almost his entire lunch hour to answer everything I had, both serious questions about the show, and several queries that were really just questions from a Bob’s Burgers super-fan.

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