Louis C.K. Explains What The Worst Possible Career Choice Is

Louis C.K. made the case to Conan O’Brien about who picked the worst career, and no, he didn’t say stand up comedians. C.K. argues that dancers picked the worst career, yet he has reverence for how impressive their skills are. “Dancing is really inspiring to watch. It’s a terrible life choice. It’s the dumbest — it’s the worst career choice,” he jokes, adding, “It’s a massive amount of dedication followed by giving up.”

C.K. argued that there just aren’t enough jobs for dancers, and there’s no large field of second tier jobs to fall back on like musicians have. At which point he had some choice words for Conan’s Basic Cable Band, because he wasn’t letting musicians off easy, either. “Don’t be a musician. That’s a stupid thing to do for a living. But — but, if it doesn’t work out the way you want it, look at — you’ve got these guys here,” he says, pointing to Conan’s Basic Cable Band, who just seemed happy to be included.

“Nobody cares who they are as individuals. […] They’re working musicians. This is not their dream. None of them. None of them. They each wanted to be separate rock stars, but they’re just a clump of nothing that makes a noise.” (Well, that escalated quickly.) But, C.K. points out, they’re commendably supporting their families by “making a noise that a computer could make.”

I don’t know. The guy who has to stick his whole arm up an elephant’s butt to stimulate the prostate into releasing semen for artificial insemination would probably rather be a dancer or a trombonist. He’s sort of doing the same motion as a trombonist already.

(Via Team Coco)