Louis C.K. On ‘Louie’: ‘I Can’t Feel That Show Anymore’

Louis C.K. started Horace and Pete, his pay-as-you-go web series with Steve Buscemi, as a surprise for fans. But it quickly turned into a surprise for anyone who loves a devastating mix of comedy and drama, with a killer supporting cast, including Amy Sedaris, Edie Falco, and especially Laurie Metcalf. C.K. is submitting Horace in the drama category at the Emmys, where it will compete against the likes of Better Call Saul and Game of Thrones, unlike his other show, Louie, which has been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series three years in a row. Not this year, though. Louie is on an extended hiatus, and as C.K. tells Alan Sepinwall, it might be done for good.

It turned out to be, for me, the best thing I ever made. It may be because Louie feels very far in the past. I can’t feel that show anymore. But I am drenched in the feelings that this show and making this show gave me and revealed for me. And the feelings I have for the characters and the fine people who played them and the crew that executed the show for me with such care. I am terribly sad that it’s over and bracing for whatever wild feelings will follow in it’s absence from my daily efforts. (Via)

As much as I love the “brilliant” Horace and Pete, it would be a shame if Louie is over — it’s safe to say we’ll never get another show where the main character eulogizes his dead friend by calling him the “biggest piece of sh*t I ever knew,” and later in the same episode, the kid he’s looking after “diarrhea-d” in the tub. Louie was wonderfully weird. At least we’ll have the memories.

Fart jokes got a little less funny today (not true; they’re always perfect).

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